What we need

Below is a list of items we will need from you within 30 days of providing your deposit.

Once you've paid, you will be sent an email with a link to complete the following information in order for us to proceed and start building your website.

1. Domain


We will need the name of the domain you will be using. Many hosting providers include a free domain with the purchase of web hosting. (Use our free domain checker to find an available domain.)

2. Website description

Site title

What will your website be known as? This is usually the same name as your business.

Site tagline

A short explanation in a few words of what this website is about.

3. Page content

As the design and layout for each page is different, we will contact you to supply any necessary content specifically for the layouts you've chosen. This may include:

  • Supplying final text and images in a digital format before the project starts
  • Supplying logos and graphics in hi-res JPG, PNG or PDF format
  • Selecting photos/videos from the list we provide to you upon engaging our services

If you are stuck for time and can't write your own page copy, our experienced, professional, in-house SEO copywriter can provide expertly written content for an additional fee.

Ready to get started?

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